Friday, September 14, 2012

Social Marketing: It's definitely a team sport, says Toyota’s Scott DeYager

What are the most important social media marketing skills that graduating college students need to understand?

I’m asking three questions of some leaders in the field of social marketing and this is what I learned.

Scott DeYager
This is No. 12 in the series (see the links below for other posts in the series). 

Today: Scott DeYager, Social Media and Strategic Communications Manager at Toyota, where he oversees earned social strategy and communications. He is on Twitter as @scottdeyager and is part of the team behind @Toyota:

"Social media is definitely a team sport," says DeYager.

It not only requires great writing and storytelling but also a knack for team building, he says.

"Because you’ll end up working with so many different stakeholders (customer service, PR, etc.) in social media, it’s valuable to understand what each brings to the party and how they create a complete social experience."

DeYager thinks there’s a formula for success: "Successful social marketers tend to be equal parts communicator, risk taker and student.

"They’re able to humble themselves and learn from their mistakes, hits and misses," he says. "They also consistently align social plans/activities with their brand’s business objectives."

Because social is "everywhere these days" brands are "starting to see social marketing as a very important part of the mix," De Yager says.

"You can’t watch a network TV show anymore without seeing a hashtag or a tweet across the bottom of the screen.

"Companies are also starting to see how social media has weaved its way into paid, owned and earned media," he says. "The convergence of these media will only amplify the importance of social marketing."

So, what do you think? How important will social marketing be in the future and what MUST graduating students know?

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  3. I completely agree with you on this assessment. Social media is great but it has to be paired up with others to reach its full potential. It's wonderful in its own right but can be better.

  4. I definitely agree.. social media marketing calls for a team building. Because everyone in the team or in the company needs to collaborate in order to meet its goal.

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  7. It’s refreshing to read an article on SEO that emphasizes the “people” factor of the work! Inasmuch as it takes people to make all SEO efforts count, it also takes people to do the SEO techniques. It can’t all be done by just one person either. A good SEO team is one in which all the members help each other out to create the best and most effective results. No one technique or department is more important than the others. Each person in an SEO team is as important as the next.

  8. I totally echo Glenn’s sentiments! SEO employs several techniques, from comment linking to website design, from article writing to video creation. A talented group of people would do really well, but they would be more effective as a cohesive team with all members working with each other instead of independently.

  9. Hear, hear! After all, they are called SEO companies and not SEO person. Besides, each member of the team has a different perspective on how things are done, and therefore have different ideas to make things work better. Sharing those ideas with the team helps to improve camaraderie and ultimately create and implement more effective SEO strategies.

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