Monday, September 3, 2012

Social Marketing: A good marketer 'walks the talk,' says Kodak’s Jennifer Cisney

What are the most important skills for graduating college students if they want to have a future in social marketing?

Jennifer Cisney
I’m asking three questions of some leaders in the field of social media marketing and this is what I learned. This is the eighth in the series (see the links below for other posts in the series).

Today: Jennifer Cisney, Chief Blogger and Social Media Manager at Eastman Kodak, where she oversees presences on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. She has been a speaker at conferences as BlogWorld, BlogHer, Marketing to Women, 140 Characters Conference and The Inbound Marketing Summit. She is on Linkedin and on Twitter as @kodakCB and @ljc:

In social media nothing beats firsthand experience, says Cisney.

Therefore, "he or she uses social media themselves and knows the tools, the best practices and the protocol," she says.

And because of that they "understand the practices that make for success... listening, good content, measurement etc."

In other words, "A good social marketer walks the talk," Cisney says.

What skills are the most important in social marketing? 

"First of all you want a good foundation of skills that you will use constantly like communications and organization," Cisney says. "It's amazing how good writing skills can be something you come back to again and again."

And, beyond the day to day activity a social marketer "needs to be able to see the big picture and set strategy that will attain overall goals."

So, just how important is social marketing to the marketing mix?

"Not every business should be forced to engage in social media and certainly not blindly," Cisney says. "But a business should be open to exploring it.

"Perhaps Twitter isn't a good fit for their target audience but Facebook is. You need to know your customers and figure out where you need to be to connect with them.

"If you are not prepared to engage with them on social media when they are active there," she says, "then you will need to be prepared to be left behind."  

So, what do you think? How important will social marketing be in the future and what MUST students know?

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  1. I believe social marketing will continually change the landscape of marketing in the future. While the tools might change a little (I could see Facebook slowly dying off in the next 10 years similar to Myspace) I think new, improved and more niche oriented ones will surface.

    Being a relatively new to professional social marketing I have to constantly strive to learn how to adapt my efforts to a professional company. My feeling is that millennials will dominate the social media marketing industry as we continually move into professional roles but we need to merge our understanding of how social media works, with what is expected from marketing goals.

    That being said, as social media evolved out of our generation, upper management who might not see that value or understand it's impact yet needs to learn how social media can help the company. This may not always be in directly relatable monetary terms, which is the largest argument why companies avoid it or do not take it seriously.

  2. All good points. However, I think many C-suite types are now understanding the value social marketing brings to the overall marketing mix and in just the past 12 months I've seen a lot of major companies adding more social to their marketing programs. Thanks for the comment.

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