Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just How Big is Social Media?

It turns out there is a cool app for that

Social Media is so rapidly evolving and the growth has been so fast in the past 12 months that demonstrating just how big social media has gotten can be hard.

But not anymore – thanks to Gary Hayes at
Personalize Media who has put together this very cool Flash App that tracks, in real time, activity on the social web:

I’m hoping you’ll also note that there are “mobile” and “Games” tabs too. This is highly appropriate given how quickly social computing is also coming to dominate both of these areas too.

How useful is this data? In the time it took me to type the preceding words (about 2 minutes $4,000+ was spent on Facebook advertising, 10 times that was spent globally on “virtual goods” and 100 times that was spent on mobile messaging and data.

In the same timeframe 250,000 videos were watched on YouTube, 21,000+ tweets went out on Twitter and more than 2,000 blog posts went live.

For us mere mortals to get our heads around the explosive growth in Social Media, I for one am very glad people such as Gary Hayes are here to help.

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