Sunday, July 10, 2016

3 Things to Consider (Well) Before You Live Stream on Social Media

Live-streaming a news event on social media is about to be something more and more of us will consider doing. 

But what should we be thinking about before whipping out the smartphone and “going live” on Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope or some other live-stream video service?

1. Safety
Watching the world through a small smartphone screen as you live-stream is inherently dangerous.

You cannot see everything going on around you and if you’re moving you may not fully see where you are walking or what you are walking into. This is especially true at night.

Or, as in the tragic case in Chicago in June, you may become a crime victim while live-streaming (see Man shot and killed while live streaming on Facebook).  

The best idea? Have a "buddy" with you while live-streaming – someone who can look around and "have your back." 

2. Consequences
What are the possible outcomes of whatever you are live-streaming? And, if the worst-case scenario happens can you live with sharing that live?

Thinking about this ahead of time will likely help you, in the heat of the moment, make a decision you can live with.

A best practice? Ask yourself if (worst-case scenario) happens is this something where the benefits outweigh any possible harm?

3. Motivations
Why do you want to broadcast this event/news/happening to the world?

This will necessarily get into ethical considerations. So, again, thinking about which circumstances you will or will not stream ahead of time can help in the heat of the moment when decision-making may not be so clear-minded.

A useful resource for anyone considering live-streaming might be this article from the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank: 10 questions journalists should ask themselves before going live on Facebook

Getting started
And if you’re new to live-streaming where to begin?

The Chicago Tribune offers some good advice in 5 top tips for live streaming video on social media

Do you have experience live-steaming? What other considerations are important?


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