Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Importance of Personal Branding for College Students #infographic

Ahhhh … the start of a new college school year and the excitement of heading off to or back to college…. 

One thing many college students won’t be thinking about at this time of year, but they absolutely should be, is their personal brand.

By the time they’re preparing to graduate – hopefully at the latest they’re thinking about this in Year 3 – they should have a strong personal brand that is obvious to anyone who finds them on the web. 

A solid personal brand means that a future employer, landlord or even significant other finds a well-rounded and positive (or at least 99 percent positive) image of you when they Google your name.

So how do you get a great personal brand? You build it over time and you do it methodically.

This means students entering college now have the greatest opportunity to build up that personal brand. And yet … 

Many won’t think about this until it is too late – Year 4 – or not at all.

The time is now in terms of building that brand.

This infographic might help. It spells it out in basic terms anyone can follow. It seems particularly relevant to college students:

Infographic source: Original in Italian by Enrico Bisetto and the English version by Jorgen Sundberg

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