Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year Checkup – Facebook: Step 4 - A Final Check

It’s a new year and it’s time for social media types to be more conscientious about their social outposts. As part of a focus on social media strategy this is the fourth in a series about Facebook.

If you have followed this series then you’re ready to double-check that you’re done.

A Final Checklist

• Changed Facebook to Timeline    Yes     No

• Checked each month and each year’s postings to hide anything inappropriate    Yes     No

• Checked my Privacy Settings    Yes     No

• Sorted my Friends into the appropriate Lists    Yes     No

• Took a look at my Profile as others see it    Yes     No

No? If you want to do this visit your profile and go to "View As …" at the top. Those with Timeline should first click the wheel next to "Activity Log." Enter the name of a close friend, a co-worker or a random acquaintance to make sure no one is seeing too much. Click "public" to see how everyone else sees it.

A Final Warning

Facebook makes changes … a lot! In the past it has added functions and reset privacy settings without making any kind of announcement. So maybe it’s time to set up a regular reminder – monthly, quarterly or, at the very least, annually – to go through this kind of checkup.

As is true on all social media you should use these networks with a "buyer beware attitude." If you’re uncomfortable about something you have three choices, ignore it, turn it off or abandon that social network.

Yes, that last choice is one I’ve made with several social networks in recent years and one I have come very close to making with Facebook. Good luck.

Was this post helpful? Will you check your Facebook settings more regularly in the future?

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