Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facebook: Have I trusted you one-too-many times?

By Mike Johansson

Facebook, where people come to share and post
Has been the place with users most
Five hundred million some say are there
Giving personal info they’re happy to share
The Zuckerberg? He smiles with glee
The more the merrier, says he
From early days in a college dorm
His social platform is now a global norm

And yet, all is not well in FB land
As the masses suspect a hidden hand
The rumors of Zuck and FB secretly sharing
Their personal data leaves them fearing
And reminds them of the days gone by
When FB privacy was changed on the fly
Users discovered that Facebook’s data keepers
Had opened everything up … even to creepers

So now the Zuckerberg is all a-flutter
The FB reputation: May be headed to the gutter
Has trust been broken just one too many times?
Why … questions are even being asked in rhymes!
So have Zuck and Facebook earned a chance
To keep us around for the social media dance?
Or will May 31 find many of us – even most
Leave to find a more trustworthy host?

So, will you stick with Facebook?

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