Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Commandments for Social Media

If I were a preacher, here's what I'd preach ...

1. Thou shalt not be “all about me.” The person who is always talking about themselves will quickly finds themselves alone in the corner.

2. Thou shalt not sell. Would you try to sell to a casual acquaintance at a party? No! Are there exceptions? Sure. You may be comfortable selling to or asking for help from someone you know very well, but you wouldn’t do it publicly, right?

3. Thou shalt not steal. Give credit for others’ content; put your name only on your own content.

4. Thou shall add value. Everyone’s favorite radio station is WII-FM (What’s In It For Me?). Be a useful contributor in SoMedia and add value to others’ lives and you will soon find you have more fans.

5. Thou shall be polite. SoMedia is public. Remember that everything you say reflects on you (and your company/business). Flaming another SoMedia participant is never done.

6. Thou shall help others. When you see a need on SoMedia you can meet you will offer to help. Being helpful is a huge reputation builder.

7. Thou shalt not be all about the numbers. Collecting friends is not a sign of power or influence. Having meaningful (and definitions vary here) relationships with followers and fans is more useful than having thousands of unknown “friends.”

8. Thou shall help others to connect. When you introduce others in SoMedia you have added value to two lives.

9. Thou shall commit to SoMedia relationships. If you set up on a SoMedia platform you will contribute to it regularly (or delete your page).

10. Thou shall be honest. SoMedia is 99.9 percent transparent. Remember that in everything you say and do online.


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  1. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. None of us should raise a stone.
    Thanks Mike, print out of the post should be on everyones desk.


  2. Great stuff Mike for Social Newbies and a daily reminder for all the rest of us!

  3. This post is right on point. It simply lay's out the do's and don'ts of social media. My hope is that more people would follow them. Thanks for sharing your input.

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